Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Makeup Collection: Natural Collection

Hi everyone! Today i'm carrying on the series of brands in my makeup collection. My last post was about my Rimmel Makeup Collection. Natural Collection is a very affordable brand with great products. You can only buy Natural Collection makeup from Boots. I think this brand would be great if you're starting out with makeup and you want you want a range of makeup products which are cheap and cheerful. 

Natural Collection Nail Tip Whitener £1.99
This is an average nail polish in my eyes. It doesn't stay on for that long but it is a good average nail polish. You can use this nail polish for french manicures and for an all over nail colour. This would look great in the summer with a nice nail art design over the top of it. It is also really affordable at only £1.99 so its a great bargain!

This is such a great everyday mascara. I have featured this mascara in my Mascara Collection. I wasn't expecting much as it was only £1.99 but I was wrong! It curls and thickens your lashes and adds some volume to them as well. However considering the name of it, I don't think it is waterproof, so I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for a waterproof mascara. 

I bought this powder quite a while ago when I was starting to get into makeup. As my skin is quite oily I wanted to try a powder. I personally prefer using pressed powder as it is easier and less messy. However this is great for reducing shine but you do need to top up after a few hours. I wouldn't recommend this if you do have really oily skin.

I absolutely love this powder! Its great for reducing the appearance of shine and leaves a great matte finish. I prefer this to the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, which everyone raves about as it lasts longer. It is also cheaper at only £1.99. This is perfect if you have oily skin. I chose the colour Neutral because I felt that it would look more natural on my skin. This is also great if you need to cover up any spots or redness. I would definitely recommend this!

This blusher is great! It has great pigmentation and lasts really well on your cheeks. I have also repurchased this a few times now as I've been impressed at how good it is. It is a lovely soft subtle pink which adds a great touch of colour to your cheeks. I would love to try the Peach Melba blush by Natural Collection as I've heard many great reviews about it. This blush is now a staple in my makeup collection and I would recommend it.

I'm not too keen on this duo eyeshadow as I feel that the pigmentation is quite poor. This is also reasonably priced at £1.99. I do like the lightest colour as it does work great for highlighting. The eyeshadow does have shimmer to it but it is not very noticeable. I wouldn't buy any more Natural Collection eyeshadows as they don't have great pigmentation and they don't last very long on your eyelids.

Natural Collection Lipstick in Rose Petal £1.99
This is the only Lipstick that I own from Natural collection. The colour is nice but it doesn't suit me at all. When applied, my lips look really patchy and it shows up dry areas. I would love to try different shades as I have seen some really nice ones. It is also a bargain at £1.99

I haven't heard many reviews on this product before so I was a bit skeptical about buying it. When I first used it I could see a difference. It works great for covering up any redness around my nose and on my chin. You can also apply concealer on top of it to make the redness appear even less noticeable. This is such a great product with such a great price! I would recommend this.

Overall Natural Collection makeup is a bit hit and miss with its products. But considering every makeup product from their brand is only £1.99 they are worth checking out!

Thanks for reading! :)

Alice xox

Have you tried any Natural Collection makeup before?


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    1. Thank you but i've already done the liebster award xx

  2. Hi Alice,
    I Love, Love, Love Natural Collection's Eyeshadows! The colours are great and last even longer if you use an eye primer. I use 17s primer and then lightly dust translucent powder over the top to set it!
    I use the blush in shade 'Peach Melba' it's amazing and works very well on a contoured make-up look. I'll certainly be on the look out for 'pink cloud' next time i'm in boots though.
    Overall they're a great bunch of products for people just starting out using and experimenting with make-up!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Clo :-)

    1. I need to invest in a primer so I might try the 17's primer soon! Peach melba is on my shopping list haha! :) xx

  3. Woo!! Finally I've seen a review of a lovely collection of Natural Collection products. They're so affordable. I used to purchase from the range all the time.

    1. Yes, they are so cheap but some are great quality!

  4. Oh i love this series you're doing, it's such a good idea! I have the NC Peach Melba blush and it's soooo pretty, I really recommend it, it would be the PERFECT blush if it was a touch longer wearing xxx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. Great series! I've never even heard of this brand honestly, but everything looks great! Need to look into the Rimmel Stay Matte dupe! Love your blog, now following.

  6. I've not tried a lot from this brand but it's a bargain!

    New follower