Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips in Mint Fresh Review

Hi everyone! So if you haven't heard of these lip balms then you must be living under a rock! These lip balms are everywhere and are selling out fast. They are available in 6 different flavours/shades. I got this one for my birthday when they had first came out. So lets get started with the review!

This lip balm is in the flavour 'Mint Fresh' As you can see this one is clear and doesn't give off any colour on your lips. I have never tried a mint lip balm before so I chose this one. As soon as you apply this lip balm you can feel a tingly feeling on your lips, which I really like as it is refreshing. 

These cost £2.99 each which is a real bargain if you are looking for a good lip balm. They also have available some lip balms with colour to them. You can look at all the different shades HERE. I have really enjoyed using this, this summer as it is quite cooling in the hot weather.

I think the packaging is original and quite cute. They have very bright colours on them and definitely stand out from other lip balms. I think they are worth the hype as they are really refreshing and do not dry out your lips like other lip balms do. I would love to get my hands on the other shades but they are selling out pretty quick! If you want to try these lip balms I recommend you heading to your nearest Boots or Superdrug fast as they may only have a few shades left.

Thanks for reading my review!

Alice xox

Have you tried any Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balms?


  1. I love baby lips, specially this one.
    love love mint

  2. I really want to collect all of these!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  3. need to get my hands on one of these! STILL haven't tried them! great post and love your pictures :) snap with the duvet haha xx

  4. Need to try those. I love mint stuff so i'm sure i will love this product. Loved the post, great post xoxo