Saturday, 26 October 2013

Product Empties #2

Hi everyone! Today I've got an empties post for you. I haven't written an empties post since August so I thought I would write one as I've collected up a few more products. These are products that I have used between September and October. 

This heat defence spray has lasted me for about 4 months now. I haven't seen a difference in my hair quality, but I don't have many split ends. I probably wouldn't repurchase this as I'd love to try other brands. This spray does smell quite and it does spray an even amount onto your hair so that's a plus. 

I love this shampoo as it makes my hair silky soft! It makes my hair feel much more glossy and look more shiny. I have noticed as well that it strengthens my hair without weighing it down. I will definitely repurchase this again as its really affordable.

I believe I received this for Christmas last year but I never got round to using it! The smell of this is divine and really does last on your skin for a long time. I have found that this does a great job of exfoliating my skin and removing dead skin cells. It also leaves my skin really soft afterwards! I have linked the 200ml version as I can't find the 50ml version on the website. I will continue to repurchase this!

This is so cheap and works really well! The scent is really refreshing especially in the morning. It foams up really nicely and leaves the scent on your skin for a long time. I will repurchase this in different scents as they have so many more in the range. 

I picked up this little sample while I was looking around in Boots. Unfortunately this didn't really do much to my skin. It feel like it wasn't exfoliating my skin at all as there weren't any exfoliating beads or grains in it. Although It did make my skin feel quite soft and smooth. I wouldn't buy the full size of it as I don't think it is worth it considering it is £20!

Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Body Butter
I have been using skincare products from this range for years as its so moisturizing! It sinks into my skin straight away leaving a lovely fresh scent. I tend to go through these quite quickly as i'm addicted to the smell! I will repurchase this after I've used up some other body butters/lotions

Alice xox

Have you tried any of these products before?


  1. Really want the mango scrub. Love these posts

  2. The Tresemme heat styling protectant lasts forever. I've had mine for months as well and I keep reading rave reviews about it, although I'm not sure I agree completely. It's nice, but it doesn't rock my world, so like you I think I'll try another brand after I've finished mine. Xx

    1. Yeah, i'll be using another brand as well as I didn't see a major difference xx

  3. Really want to try that body shop scrub!

    Hannah Heartss

  4. I love the body shop scrubs! They are so refreshing and lovely!


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  6. I love the Body Shop Scrubs they all smell so amazing! I love how soft they leave my skin afterwards x


  7. I love reading empties posts, and this is a really good one!

    Maha Maven
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  8. i love the smell of the mango range from the body shop! great post :)

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  10. I love Body Shop Scrubs :) mango is my favourite :) want to try out the planet spa body butter!

    Rebecca Coco

  11. Body Shop Scrubs is the best <3 I love them !

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  13. OH my gosh. I love the Mango body butter. It smells amazing. I just ran out.

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  17. I use that shampoo as well as the conditioner and I love it! It smells amazing:)

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  19. I love this. finally i got som info..
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  20. I love the body shop scrubs, they always leave my skin feeling so lovely! x

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