Friday, 26 July 2013

My Mascara Collection 2013

So over the years I have collected quite a few mascaras. Some of them I have bought myself and others were samples. I decided to do a blog post to show you my collection at the moment.

Overview of my collection

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Flared-  This was my first Maybelline mascara that I purchased. It retails for £7.99 in Boots.  It has a nice curved brush which helps curl your lashes. However I found that this mascara does clump quite a lot on the lashes. Overall i would not buy this again. You can purchase this mascara HERE
Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express- This was my second mascara from Maybelline that i purchased. I bought it when it first came out and when it was on offer for £5.99. I prefer this mascara to the falsies as it doesn't clump your lashes as much. The brush is rubber and has very small bristles which stops your lashes from clumping. However I have found the formula to be quite watery which means it dries quite quickly on the lashes. I would buy this again if it was on offer. You can purchase this mascara HERE

Rimmel Max Bold Curves - This is my most oldest mascara that i own and i probably should throw it away! I have found this mascara to be way to clumpy due to its big brush. It doesn't curl my lashes nor thickens them. I would never buy this mascara again. You can purchase this mascara HERE 

NYC High Definition Volume- I bought this mascara off of as it was on offer for around £1.99. At first I disliked it due to it being very clumpy. However after a few months I have started to like it and use it more often. It separates lashes really well and is quite cheap. I would buy this mascara again. 

Natural Collection WaterGuard -  I bought this mascara as it was only £1.99! I wasn't expecting amazing results but I was proven wrong. This mascara is my favourite. It doesn't clump your lashes, it thickens and lengthens them. However I wouldn't say this mascara is waterproof. I use it for everyday use and is a great mascara. I would buy this again. You can purchase this mascara HERE

Benefit They're Real-  I'm sure alot of you have heard about this mascara as it has been raved about so much in the blogging and youtube community. This is only a small bottle of it and I got it in the Glamour magazines earlier this year. It features a sturdy rubber brush. I liked this mascara but I wouldn't say that it was amazing. First of all this mascara is near the £20 mark, so its not cheap. I do like the style of the wand. However I prefer mascaras that don't have rubber wands. You can purchase this mascara HERE

Benefit BAD Gal Lash- Again, i received this in a Glamour magazine last year. I really enjoyed this mascara because of the size of the brush. The brush helps to lengthen your lashes and really defines them well. I prefer this mascara to the Benefit they're real. I would purchase this mascara in the full size. You can purchase this mascara HERE 

N07 Extreme Lash- I received this mascara in a gift set that I got from n07 a while ago. This mascara is okay but not brilliant. First of all it doesn't thicken your lashes. But it does lengthen them well. Also this mascara dried up pretty quickly when I wasn't using it. I would not purchase this mascara in the full size. You can buy this mascara HERE

N07 Intense Volume- I enjoyed this mascara as I like the brush. Although it is a very basic type of brush, it works well on the lashes. It doesn't clump. Also it does volumise your lashes well due to the bristles being quite close together. I would purchase this mascara. You can buy this mascara HERE

Clinique High Impact- I haven't seen this mascara being raved about a lot in the beauty community. I like this mascara as it is similar to the n07 intense volume. The formula is quite thick and lengthens your lashes well. It also curls them very well. I would purchase this mascara. You can buy this mascara HERE 

N07 Lash 360- I found this mascara very intriguing due to the brush looking quite different to normal brushes. The brush looks quite clumped when taking it out of the bottle. It does clump on the lashes, i have found. Although, it does curl the lashes well. I would not buy this mascara again.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Alice xox

What is your favourite mascara?

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